Are Family Mediation Sessions Worth The Time & Effort?


There are two distinct paths for citizens when they engage in divorce proceedings.  There will be those who decide to lodge legal action if the pair cannot come to the table in good faith to decide their differences.   Then there are others who believe that family mediation sessions are worthy of the time and effort.

Why You Should Only Work With Divorce Lawyers In Bella Vista That Have Over Thirty Years Of Experience In The Field


For many people who find themselves going through a separation, they can feel like they are living in their own private hell. The person that they thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with can seem like a stranger and can sometimes even feel like their worst enemy. This is why

What To Discuss With Custody Lawyers During a Free Consultation


  What could be gained from sitting down and speaking with a custody lawyer during a free consultation? These practitioners as a rule don’t hand out free legal advice all that often, but when they do there is an opportunity to gauge what the landscape looks like and how much could be charged for the privilege.

How is a Family Law Lawyer Able to Help?