How to Become a Lawyer in Australia

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Fond of the law? Ever thought of becoming a lawyer? Well, if your answer is yes and you reside in Australia, you’re on the right path to making your dreams come true and that’s not a statement made lightly as Australia is known to be one of the most amazing countries in the world.

If you’re a resident living in Australia, or you’re a visitor that like what you see, there are many opportunities and institutions in Australia to study at, surrounding law. That is because the law is considered to be very important in the country and one thing that is not looked over, ever skipped or taken for granted.

Every state and territory in Australia have its own Bar Association for Barristers and Law Society for Solicitors. These also include national representative bodies in various areas of the country.

While there are many reasons to become a lawyer in this beautiful country, another reason might be the salary which can vary from $60, 000 to $150,000 annually. This all depends on your field, the sector you would like to work in, as well as the seniority level. If you would like to have more control over your potential earning, the best thing to do would be to start either your own practice or become a Barrister which are also self-employed and get to determine their own salary. Another great advantage of studying law in Australia is the opportunity you’ll be exposed to which is not only available for locals but also international residents or those who have prospects about moving and working in Australia.


How to Become a Lawyer in the Land Down Under

There are five different methods of study to become a certified and registered lawyer in Australia. These include the following.

  • Completing a Juris Doctor/ Bachelor of Law

If you want to study law as a serious profession, then either a Bachelor or Doctorate degree is exactly what you should be looking at. These are available to those who have either completed their undergraduate degree or not. Either way, the course could be up to four years long.

  • Complete Practical Legal Training

Another way to study law is joining a practical legal training program. All states and territories in Australia have an Admissions Authority within five years of graduation.

  • Admission to Legal Practice

Once graduated, you can apply to work at a legal practice to gain some experience in your field of practice.

  • Practising Certificate

After finding a job and completing 18 to 24 months of practical, which is supervised, you can apply to a local Law Society for your practising certificate, which serves as one amazing opportunity to take it one step further.

  • Become a Barrister

Similar to the UK, Australia also has a system of Barristers and Solicitors. Both these titles are experts in various legal matters, mediations, dispute resolutions and representing clients in court. For most lawyers, becoming a Barrister is the ultimate goal.