What Should Clients Talk About With Family Lawyers in Sydney?

Family lawyer Sydney based talking to a client

Clients will clearly have a lot on their mind when they sit down with family lawyers Sydney based for their appointment. As men and women attempt to plan for a separation and work through the terms of a settlement, they will need to rely on experienced professionals who know these situations inside and out. To make the most of their service and to build confidence about the future, it is important to have honest conversations with these specialists. So what should be talked about? Let’s talk about it!

Past Events

In order for family lawyers Sydney based to work their magic and find solutions for their constituents, they need to have a full rundown about the nature of past events. From the length of the relationship to children that are had between the pair to the ownership of property, the signing of documents, the sharing of assets and any cases of abuse or neglect, it should be disclosed in a private session. Deciding to withhold any of these details will only harm the cause of the individual because they are not able to plan around those facts.

Wishes & Demands

Father getting the custody to their daughter

Among all of the topics with family lawyers Sydney based that clients can discuss, it should be their central objective that takes key priority. From child custody to property ownership, the acquisition of stocks and business interests to vehicles, material assets and other items of sentimental value, it is imperative that they outline what they want from the separation and what they are happy to walk away with. Nothing can be guaranteed in these situations, but the solicitor needs to understand how to build a case around the negotiables and the non-negotiables.

Financial Status

The bottom line is a key consideration that clients will need to cover with family lawyers Sydney based. Especially if many of their assets are tied up in investments like property and stock, it can make the issue complicated and steer the decision-making process for the individual. The subject of representative payment also has to be covered, seeing what is viable with flat fees, hourly rates, percentage and retainer fees for settlement figures.

Position of Former Spouse

As much as men and women want to be able to draft their own solutions with family lawyers Sydney based, the position of the other spouse will be a factor that has to be calculated into this scenario. If discussions have been held and they have outlined what they want from the separation, then those details should be communicated to the solicitor. Once they have an idea about shared interests and differing views, then a strategy can be put in place.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Although this is not a field of expertise with family lawyers Sydney based, the mental and emotional wellbeing of their client is of paramount importance. It has a direct impact on their decision-making process and this is where representatives will connect their members to therapists and other trained professionals who can deliver outcomes.

Legal Strategy

Local clients who get in touch with these Sydney representatives need to have an awareness about what they are going to do in the intervening days, weeks and months. Thankfully there will be various legal paths that they can adopt, featuring dispute resolution and mediation processes to court hearings and filing for litigation if they believe there is grounds to do so.

A lot of information should be covered when local members sit down with family lawyers Sydney based for official appointment windows. This is the time to make introductions, explain the facts in clear detail and set out a list of objectives that can be met. If there is doubt or hesitancy about approaching lawyers in this field, it is important to look at which firms enjoy the top reputations and who is willing to open their doors for that first conversation.