What To Discuss With Custody Lawyers During a Free Consultation



What could be gained from sitting down and speaking with a custody lawyer during a free consultation?

These practitioners as a rule don’t hand out free legal advice all that often, but when they do there is an opportunity to gauge what the landscape looks like and how much could be charged for the privilege.

Family law as a practice constitutes a number of different topics, spanning domestic violence matters to child custody, divorce and the division of assets.

If there is a chance to enjoy a conversation with a specialist, it should be utilized.


How Do You Calculate Your Bill?

How much is charged and for what purposes are fundamental questions that should be posed with custody lawyers during a free consultation. From travel expenses to the filing of documentation, the fees for further discussions, attending negotiations and more will all come into the overall equation. When these details are communicated to the spouse, they will be able to determine if their pricing structure will suit their circumstances.


Should Other Parties Be Present?

There can be fears and reservations about someone’s personal circumstances, even in an environment with a custody lawyer during a free consultation. It is wise for those that feel as though they need a trusted and supportive presence at the meeting to invite them aboard. Alleviating stress is actually part of the solicitor’s job description, so having another trusted individual as part of the talks can be wise, but that might not be the case moving forward.


Will I Have One Point of Contact?

This is very important to understand when individuals sit down with custody lawyers during a free consultation, as the point of contact will determine the quality of communication. If a firm divides the duties between various department heads, then the matter can be lost amid a string of professionals who are not handling the issue directly. One single point of contact is advised.


How Do You Assess My Case?

One of the key central objectives that is sought for clients who are talking with a custody lawyer during a free consultation is to know what they make of the case. How do they determine the circumstances, what challenges do they see present, what opportunities stand out to them and what are the potential pathways to a successful outcome? The amount of detail surrounding these questions could be limited during one single free consultation, but there will still generally be an understanding about how a custody battle or division of assets can be determined and what might have to be conceded in order to reach that mark.


What Do You Require From Me?

The final talking point when speaking with custody lawyers during a free consultation is to ask them what they require on your behalf. This can actually be quite detailed as the solicitor will need to gather as much direct and indirect evidence as they can to argue the case. This will include documentation, list of expenses, digital correspondence, accounting information, appraisals, birth certificates, contributions, list of assets, inheritance, pay slips, tax returns, divorce papers and anything else that pertains to the matter. If there will be challenges obtaining these details, then this appointment will be a chance to schedule some gathering activities and find them promptly.



No two discussions will be the same with custody lawyers during a free consultation. Some will be open, receptive and allow the potential client to offer as much detail and ask as many questions as possible. Others will be short for time and only give a short window where minimal progress can be made. Regardless of that dynamic, it is vital that citizens understand that they have an opportunity to receive free legal advice and to maximize that advantage as much as possible.