What a Same Sex Divorce Lawyer Achieves For Their Client

same sex divorce lawyers

Australia’s embrace of marriage equality changed the laws and the landscape in which the country operated. Now the land down under would move in tune with the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Canada and many other Western nations who had moved down this path.


While this gave gay citizens the opportunity to wed in holy matrimony, it also gave them the right to acquire a divorce – an unfortunate state of affairs but a necessary one all the same. Enter the same sex family lawyers in Sydney.


Since this law took a number of painful years to eventually become reality, there have been couples who took to overseas to finally tie the knot. Given these nuptials were not recognised in Australia, there have been a litany of case studies where legal matters have become muddied during this period of limbo.


So the question now stands for gay couples that are looking to separate: what can a same sex divorce lawyer achieve for their client to perform the necessary tasks?


It might be hard to invest any degree of trust in a law firm, but any individual searching for representation deserves to be equipped with a professional who is fighting their corner every step of the way.


The good news is that there are firms who specialise in offering a same sex divorce lawyer, each one equipped with the ability to understand the intricacies of the issue.



Citizenship and Immigration


Due to the unique nature of marriage equality and how it came to pass, a same sex divorce lawyer will have to deal with issues surrounding citizenship and immigration. As a relationship breaks down, there may be complications surrounding passports and papers regarding visas and length of stay in a country. Here is where an experienced specialist within the niche practice has an advantage on the average solicitor.

Tax and Superannuation


Negotiating financial terms is a major asset for any representative in a court of law. For a same sex divorce lawyer that understands the intricacies of sourcing tax and superannuation data, this will be a common occurrence as assets are divided between the spouses.


Fertility and Donor Agreements


Whether it is through a simple adoption process or via a sperm donor, a same sex divorce lawyer will have different challenges to a male-female breakup where common practices are more widely understood. Children are always caught in the crossfire in the case of a divorce and there will be complications dividing time between each spouse as an agreement is eventually reached.



From a home unit to a city flat or grandiose mansion, awarding and dividing property is a messy business in a court of law during a relationship breakdown. For a same sex divorce lawyer, they will be skilled in the knowledge of the local market and the circumstances in which a domicile is owned and will be kept beyond the divorce. Prenuptial agreements will muddy the waters in many of these instances, but one of the most hard fought elements at play in these instances will usually involve property as spouses fight for control of a premises.

Obligation-Free Consultation


This might be a detail that is readily overlooked by individuals who are seeking a quality same sex divorce lawyer in the market, but an obligation-free consultation is a necessary requirement for firms that are genuine about looking out for the best interests of the people. Rather than tie citizens into long-standing and costly agreements that puts a strain on resources, a same sex divorce lawyer that is transparent about the costs, time and details involved in a case will ensure that there is no hidden agendas or surprises emerge over the course of the litigation.